13 things to spring clean this weekend

23 Nov 16

When you look around your house do you get the sudden urge to spring clean?

Like many of us, that would be a no.

A spring clean can seem downright overwhelming!

There is a way you can achieve a spring clean feel in a few simple steps.

We have 13 things you can do to achieve spring cleaning success.

1. Washing Machine

Your washing machine cleans all of your clothes but how often do you clean the washing machine?

Your washing machine can collect a lot of dust, dirt and grime and should be washed to keep it in a good working condition and to ensure your clothes get the best clean.

Check out our tips on how to clean your washing machine.

2. Walls

Walls can be hard to keep clean and it can feel like a big job when you need to clean them.

Dirty finger prints, scuff marks and sometimes even ink from pens and permanent markers can make your walls look dirty.

Follow our 8 easy steps to make you walls look newly painted again

3. Dishwasher

It might sound strange because you would think that your dishwasher would be clean all the time.

It cleans your dishes so wouldn’t it be clean already?

However a dishwasher does get dirty and does need a clean from time to time.

A dishwasher can be full of soap scum, food and grease leaving your dishwasher to not work as well. Plus each time you wash your dishes this could be going back onto your plates and cutlery.

Follow our tips on how to clean your Dishwasher.

4. Microwave

We all know that microwaves can get filthy with food splatters.

If you leave these splatters and don’t clean them right away they can stain your microwave.

The food splatters that are left in your microwave can also grow mould and other bacteria which can contaminate everything you eat, making you sick.

Follow these 5 steps to have a healthy clean microwave again.

5. Under floor rugs

Rugs are a place to sit and read, watch movies, or play board games.

A rug provides colour and comfort and are an investment that you want to look after.

For rugs to last years they need to be maintained.

Here are some quick tips on how you can maintain the look and feel of your rug.

6. Freezer

Freezer cleaning is sometimes the last thing on your mind.

You end up leaving things in there for months at a time and it is easy to forget what you have in there.

Check out our tips to help you clean your freezer.

7. Fridge

Cleaning your fridge regularly ensures no odours or bacteria can grow in your fridge.

We have all experience the awful smell when you open your fridge and something is off.

Regular cleaning prevents this and it is easy to have a clean healthy fridge in your home.

Follow these tips to clean your fridge this weekend.

8. Window sills, tacks and fly screens

Every house has windows and every window needs cleaning.

It can be a fussy and time consuming task that no one likes to do but it is a task that is important to do every 6 months.

Follow these easy steps to help you clean your window sill, tracks and fly screens.

9. Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans collect so much dust which has been proven to have a link to Dermatological issues and Respiratory allergies.

It is important to regularly clean and dust your fan for the health of you and your family.

Follow these simple steps to clean your ceiling fan.

10. Oven

No one likes cleaning their oven but it is a task that needs to be done.

The thought of breathing in harmful chemicals that burn your eyes is enough to make you close the oven door and walk away.

These simple steps mean you no longer need to use harmful chemicals to get a great result. Cleaning your oven with only Baking Soda, Vinegar, Water and Elbow Grease

11. Shower Head

Your shower head probably isn’t something you think about cleaning but it does need to be done occasionally.

Shower heads can easily get clogged by water minerals meaning water won’t flow freely from the shower head.

Clean your shower head this weekend with these easy steps.

12. Door Handles

How often do you clean your door handles?

Door handles are one of the most touched places in the home so you can imagine the germs that are on the door handles.

Take a couple of minutes to make sure your door handles are germ free by following these steps.

13. Light Switches

How many people in your house touch the light switches everyday?

How many germs do you think are on those light switches?

Take some time out of your day to de-germ your light switches and make them clean and healthy for your family with these easy steps.

14. Remote controls

How often are you reaching for that remote control?

Imagine how many germs are being passed from person to person through that remote control!

Time to clean that remote and make it germ free!

15. Clean your iPhone or iPad

Finger prints, make up, dirt, dust and food are just a few of the common things that you will most likely find on your iPhone or iPad over time.

Your iPhone or iPad are items you would use almost every day so you can imagine all the germs that would be on them.

It is always a good idea to give your iPhone or iPad a clean once a week to keep it looking brand new.

13 things to spring clean this weekend



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