Lawn & Garden Maintenance

The first thing to remember about your V.I.P. business is that we have been helping people start their own business since 1979. Our franchisees are backed by a huge brand and decades of knowledge and experience; we are here to help you every step of the way.

V.I.P. has helped over 4,000 franchisees achieve their goals with minimal risk through:

  • An established client base
  • Initial and ongoing training and mentoring
  • National and local area marketing
  • Equipment set up and training.

When you join V.I.P. we provide everything you need,
including comprehensive training; not only in how to
carry out the work but also how to successfully run a
business. Your support doesn’t stop there, with ongoing
training and mentoring we work with you to help you to
achieve your business and personal goals. 

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