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Boris Sopotsko - Travelling more than 10,000km for a brand new start with V.I.P.

Moving from St Petersburg Russia to Adelaide, Boris and his family were searching for a business opportunity that could deliver flexibility, security and success.

Working in Human Resources Management in Russia for a large industrial company meant long hours, a long commute and little time for his family.

Being in charge of his career, own working hours and having the flexibility to be both a business owner and a family man is what was important to Boris.

Boris' business also allows him to have the flexibility to give back to those in need. Boris has supported Variety Children's charity which is an important cause to Boris and his family.

Due to Boris' business growth and knowledge he is involved with V.I.P.'s Day In The Field programme which involves taking a prospect out for a day and showing them what it is like to be a V.I.P. franchisee.

Having experienced continued growth and success, Boris has been recognised with his nomination in the Franchising Council of Australia Excellence in Franchising Awards where Boris became a state finalist.

"I am so happy I chose to become a V.I.P. franchisee. I would never have imagined that my business would be where it is today. My V.I.P. franchise has given me the opportunity to spend more time with my family, be in control of my career and still be able to make a good income."

"The franchise has changed my family's life and I haven't looked back since joining," said Boris.



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