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Matthew Best: Making A Change For The Better

Wanting an improved lifestyle and a better work/life balance Matt made the move to V.I.P. in 2013. Matt was unable to find the right balance between work and a social life previously. Now being his own boss, he is in control of the hours he works and the money he makes.

Sick of working 80 hour weeks, not spending time with his family and friends and the added stress of a family members’ health problems, Matt was struggling to keep up.

Since joining V.I.P. Matt has been able to help his family member with her health issues and is able to travel to the Sunshine Coast twice a month to visit and help her maintain her property.

Matt has had many milestones since starting his business including:

  • Year on year business growth from the first year of starting his business
  • Increase in both the financial results and the number of customers he services
  • Improvement in the quality of services he can offer
  • Improvement is his gardening skills

It's Matt's focus on customer satisfaction and attention to detail that led to Matt’s nomination in the Franchise Council of Australia Excellence in Franchising Awards.

“If I didn’t join V.I.P. the lifestyle I have wouldn’t have been possible. I now have more time for my family and more time to do the things in life that make me happy. Joining V.I.P. changed my life for the better and I am so grateful for the opportunities my business has given me” said Matt.

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