Window Cleaning Franchising with V.I.P.

The standard 9-5 working day isn’t for everyone, and if you’re looking to control your own schedule, a franchise may be a great option. It’s easier to set up a franchise than you may realise, and at V.I.P. we have window cleaning franchises for sale. 

A window cleaning franchise with V.I.P. will ensure you’re working under a trusted name. But what are the benefits of our window cleaning franchise opportunities?

Be your own boss 

At V.I.P. we’re family owned and run, but if you partner with us you can still be your own boss. One of the great things about a franchise opportunity is that you benefit from the established reputation, image and work practices of the company while having the independence of small business ownership. This means you also get to plan your own schedule, organise your own holiday hours and set achievable business goals based on your short- and long-term aims.

Play to your strengths 

You may already have experience in residential window cleaning, but with a franchise you’ll have the opportunity to learn even more skills. With V.I.P you could offer multi-storey window cleaning and fly screen cleaning as well, but ultimately you’ll be able to tailor your service based on your strengths. 

Utilise our expertise 

V.I.P. was founded in 1972 and we have been franchising since 1979, meaning we have been in operation for over 40 years. With over 1000 franchisees operating across New Zealand and Australia under V.I.P, you know we're a name you can trust, and potential clients will know that too. We'll provide all the training you need to ensure you can offer a service that's valuable to your customers. With us, your franchise will be insured, trained and police checked, so a high-quality window cleaning service will be available to your clients all year round. 

Want to find out more?

If you're interested in learning more about V.I.P.'s window cleaning franchise opportunities, get in touch with a member of the team today. Before you know it, you could be offering multi-storey window cleaning, window pane cleaning, fly screen cleaning, window frame cleaning and much more in your local area.

Make that change! Contact us to learn more about having your own V.I.P. franchise.

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