4 Autumn Landscape Design Ideas

05 Apr 22

The cooler days are finally here. So if you’ve been planning to get into the garden and tackle those landscape projects you’ve been putting off, now’s the time! To help you feel inspired, we’ve rounded up our 6 favourite landscape design ideas. Whether you DIY or hire help, your yard is bound to be the envy of the neighbourhood!

1. Add a splash of colour

Autumn is all about changing colours, as green leaves transform into vibrant reds, golds and yellows. Begin by adding a burst of colour with persimmon, maple, myrtle or ash trees – or fill your garden with glorious natives like kangaroo paw, native fuchsia and paper daisy. 
It’s also a great time to pop in some fresh soil and get those long-awaited veggies and plants into the ground, ready for flourishing in the spring. Remember to remove any weeds and prep your garden beds with organic matter, so your plants get off to a healthy start.
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2. Build a retaining wall

Landscape design is all about creating interesting variations in your outdoor space. And if you’re on a sloping block or simply want to add some unique levels and dimensions in your garden, consider building a retaining wall. There are loads of cheap materials you can use, including blocks that stack together – so you won’t need mortar or expert skills. Just remember to check if you need council approval before building.

3. Create a garden path

There’s nothing quite as lovely as walking through your garden on a crisp, cool day to admire all your handiwork. And with the harsh heat behind us, now is the season to plot your path. Consider curves and how the path will flow through your landscape – and use small pavers to create an attractive symmetrical pattern. Just remember to book your V.I.P. lawns and gardens franchisee to keep those edges immaculate.

4. Give your lawn some love

It’s easy to forget about the lawn in the wetter months, but taking a little time now to fertilise and aerate your lawn will help it endure the cooler days ahead – and look lovely and green come spring.

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Try a lawns & gardens service

Now that you’re feeling inspired to refresh your outdoors with these easy landscape design ideas, it’s time to get stuck in! To help, we have expert landscaping franchisees ready to get to work in your local area. They can even tailor a landscape design and gardening plan to suit you, your needs and your budget.

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4 Autumn Landscape Design Ideas