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Reckon you've got the makings to be your own boss? Then becoming a V.I.P. Home Cleaning franchisee could be the opportunity you are looking for. You'll get all the benefits of running a home cleaning business, but with the backing of a well-known brand. That means you get to call the shots, set your flexible hours, and build a home cleaning franchise business that fits your lifestyle. If you're keen to jump into the home cleaning game with a bit of a safety net, this franchise is definitely worth a look.

Unleash Your Entrepreneurial Spirit

For over four decades, V.I.P. Home Cleaning has empowered Australians to achieve their aspirations of business ownership. Whether you see yourself as a home cleaning franchisee, in the fresh air with lawn and garden franchises, or tackling the challenges of a commercial cleaning franchise, we have an opportunity for you.

Imagine the satisfaction of running a successful home cleaning business. V.I.P. Home Cleaning's tried and tested systems take the worry out of starting up, ensuring you'll see financial returns right from the beginning. Don't miss out on this opportunity to become a V.I.P. franchisee to own your future and live life on your terms.

Work on Your Terms, Your Way

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Why Choose a Cleaning Franchise?

Sick of the daily grind? Own your future and live life on your terms. V.I.P. Home Cleaning franchises offer freedom and opportunity in a growing industry.

Low Start-up Costs

Unlike starting a business from scratch, a cleaning franchise requires minimal entry cost. The franchisor covers significant costs like marketing and branding, while providing comprehensive training programs and support to get you up and running quickly.

High Demand

Home cleaning is a stable industry, with increasing year-round demand from people valuing the huge benefit of a clean and hygienic home. Furthermore, the growing number of dual-income households with limited free time ensures a consistent customer base for your cleaning services.

Why Become a V.I.P. Home Cleaning Franchisee?

Because you can be your own boss, but NOT on your own! V.I.P. Home Cleaning empowers you to run your own business with the backing of a trusted brand. We offer a comprehensive support system to help you succeed from day one.

Here's what sets a V.I.P. franchise apart:

Established Track Record

Join a family-owned business with over 40 years of experience and a proven track record of success.

Trusted Reputation

Benefit from V.I.P.'s strong brand recognition, giving you an edge in a competitive market and attracting clients who trust the brand.

Low Upfront Investment

Get started with minimal start-up capital compared to starting a business from scratch. Plus, the potential for passive income allows you to earn while you build your business.

Tailored Opportunities

Choose a service area and business model that aligns with your budget and goals, offering flexibility to build your dream business.

Keep More of Your Profits

Unlike other franchises, V.I.P. eliminates lead fees, maximising your earnings potential.

Peace of Mind with Guaranteed Income

Our unique program provides a safety net with options to start with guaranteed income for up to 26 weeks, allowing you to focus on building your client base with confidence.

Ongoing Support Network

V.I.P. provides comprehensive support, including dedicated franchisee mentors, access to discounted supplies, and tailored business and marketing guidance.

Local Expertise

Benefit from regional management and localised marketing support to establish your business within your community.

Experience the Franchise Life

Shadow an existing franchisee to gain firsthand experience, and enjoy ongoing support with up to date cloud based technology, marketing, and other essentials.

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How to Start a Successful V.I.P. Home Cleaning Franchise

V.I.P. Home Cleaning franchises offer the chance to ditch the 9-to-5 and become your own boss in the booming cleaning industry. Here’s how you can set up a successful V.I.P. franchise:

Make an Informed Decision

At V.I.P., we want you to feel confident about your franchise ownership journey. We encourage thorough research and open communication. Take advantage of our resources, like initial consultations with our team and opportunities to shadow existing franchisees by experiencing a day in the field.

Embrace Proactive Strategies

V.I.P. sets you up for winning from the start. We will equip you with everything you need, including equipment, lead generation, and marketing support. However, your proactive approach can make all the difference.

Cultivate Lasting Customer Relationships

Exceptional customer service is the cornerstone of any thriving business. Go the extra mile for your customer satisfaction by offering additional services or personalised touches, such as thoughtful messages.

Start Your Cleaning Empire Today

Say goodbye to your boss and build your own empire with a V.I.P. Cleaning franchise. Enjoy a satisfying and profitable business in a $12 billion market, supported by comprehensive training programs.

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