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Is your living room feeling a little... less than fresh? Carpets trap hidden allergens like dust mites and fibres, which can trigger allergies. V.I.P.'s professional carpet cleaning services eliminate these allergens, leaving your carpets feeling and smelling fresh for a healthier, more comfortable living space.

But the magic doesn't stop at your carpets! V.I.P. offers complete house cleaning services, too. Our carpet cleaning experts use superior cleaning products that are tough on dust and allergens but gentle on your space.

Why choose V.I.P.?

  • Better protection against germs, bacteria, mould, and fungi
  • Reduce allergens and germs in your home environment.
  • Remove the most stubborn stains.
  • Extend the lifespan of your furnishings with our professional care.
  • Trust our fully trained and experienced technicians to deliver exceptional results.
  • Effective stain removal and sanitisation.
  • Receive personalised quotes and expert advice tailored to your needs.
  • Enjoy peace of mind with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Revive Your Carpets, Renew Your Space

Between spills, pet accidents, and everyday dust, carpets can become a breeding ground for allergens. V.I.P. can help!

V.I.P.'s meticulously experienced carpet cleaning experts uses high-quality products to remove stubborn stains, revive your carpets, and leave your home feeling healthy and fresh. We offer flexible scheduling and personalised quotes to fit your needs. Enjoy the peace of mind of a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Breathe easy and book your deep carpet clean today!

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They'll take care of everything from start to finish, so you can relax and enjoy your clean, healthy, and truly worthy space!

Are you a business looking for carpet cleaning services? Our commercial cleaning cleaners can give you the best first impression - leaving it feeling fresh and immaculate.

Discover the V.I.P. Difference in Carpet Cleaning

When it comes to cleaning carpets, vacuuming alone isn't enough.

Did you know carpets can harbour up to 200,000 bacteria per square inch, along with countless dust mites? Regular vacuuming helps, but a deeper clean is necessary. That's where V.I.P. Carpet Cleaning comes in! Don't settle for just vacuuming.

V.I.P. boasts over four decades of expertise in the cleaning industry. Let us leverage this experience to transform your home – skip the cleaning burden and entrust everything to our capable team of expert carpet cleaners.

Our Premium Carpet Cleaning Solutions

Feeling overwhelmed by your cleaning tasks? Let V.I.P. handle it all.

We extend beyond carpets, so you can let go of the stress and let us handle the cleaning.

Our cleaning crew is a team of expert cleaners who can tackle the toughest stains and dirt. V.I.P. is equipped to address any cleaning challenge within your home.

V.I.P. Comprehensive Carpet Cleaning Services

V.I.P. Home Services caters to all your home cleaning needs. Our services include:

  • Carpet Cleaning (choose between dry or steam cleaning)
  • Upholstery Cleaning
  • Tile & Grout Cleaning
  • Mattress Cleaning
  • And More! (We tackle pet messes, mould, leather, car interiors, and air conditioners!)

Explore Our Range of Services and Treatments

V.I.P. Home Services is your one-stop shop for a healthy and rejuvenated living space for you to relax and unwind. Our expert technicians utilise state-of-the-art equipment and proven carpet cleaning methods to deliver exceptional results.

Masters of Deep Cleaning

Our friendly team uses top-of-the-line equipment and powerful cleaning solutions. Our deep clean starts with a pre-inspection to ensure the best method. We then thoroughly vacuum, tackle stubborn stains, and offer dry or steam cleaning options for a refreshed look.

Mattress Makeover

Wave goodbye to dust mites and lingering odours, Choose our Healthy or Deluxe Mattress Solution and let our exclusive treatments work their magic.

Upholstery Revival

Our expert team of cleaners revive your upholstered furniture with pre-treatment, pre-vacuuming, and your choice of deep hot water extraction or gentle dry cleaning - all to leave it looking and smelling like new.

Say Goodbye to Stubborn Tiles and Grout with V.I.P. Cleaning Services

Discoloured tiles and stubborn grout? No problem! V.I.P. utilises a safe and effective cleaning solution, coupled with meticulous pre-treatment and special attention to corners and edges. The result? Tiles sparkling like new.

Need a Deep Clean for Your Outdoor Areas? Our high-pressure cleaning service and garden and lawn maintenance services are perfect for driveways, patios, and more. We'll blast away dirt, grime, and mould, leaving your outdoor haven looking fresh and inviting.

With V.I.P. Home Services, you can rest easy knowing every nook and cranny of your home is in the best hands. You can entrust to us your:

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Here's why V.I.P. is your carpet cleaning dream team:

Expert Crew

Our friendly and experienced team uses premium cleaning products to make your home shine.

Peace of Mind

Skip the carpet cleaning struggle and let V.I.P. take you on an adventure to a cleaner, healthier home! Book your service today and start breathing easy!

Start-to-Finish Service

Relax and enjoy the results! We handle everything from booking to the sparkling clean finish. V.I.P. services are available across Australia, including:

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