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V.I.P. products contain HealthGuard™ which when used correctly provides a safe, effective and environmentally sound solution to a wide range of common health problems caused by ineffective bacteriological controls.

Our range of products safely and organically control levels of dust mites, mosquitos, stains, urine, moulds, microbes, bacteria, spores and viruses.

The products utilise nanotechnology which provides a strong microbond of Healthguard™ with the surface being treated to ensure long lasting performance. This means that the anti-bacterial effects keep working long after the product is applied (up to 3 weeks) as compared to other cleaning products or disinfectants where their anti-bacterial effect disappears almost instantly.

HealthguardTM is blended into the products to provide this additional protection for you in your home or business. It helps to protect the people you know and love against bacteria and moulds.

The use of this technology in our products sets V.I.P. apart from other cleaning companies.

V.I.P. products are:

  • Safe to apply
  • Hygienic
  • Biodegradable

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Environmentally Friendly Products Healthguard

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