Top 10 Carpet Maintenance Tips: Keep Your Carpets in Tip-Top Shape All Year Round!

08 Feb 24

Just like any other aspect of your home, carpets require care and attention to stay in tip-top shape.

From tackling daily dirt to seasonal deep cleaning, we've got you covered with tips to keep your carpets looking their best day in and day out. So, let's dive in!


Daily Maintenance

  • Quick Vacuuming:

Set aside a few minutes each day to give your carpets a quick once-over using a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter. This helps remove allergens and dust effectively, especially in high-traffic areas where dirt and dust tend to accumulate. By staying on top of daily cleaning, you'll prevent dirt and dust from settling deep into the carpet fibers, extending the life of your carpets.


  • Spot Cleaning:

Accidents happen, but cleaning spills promptly can prevent stains from settling into the carpet. Remember the longer you leave something on your carpet, the harder to remove the stain later. Be sure to check out our 6 Best Carpet Cleaning Hacks for easy tricks to tackle common stains and spills between professional deep cleans. Plus, if you have pets, we have 3 simple steps on how to keep your carpets clean, so you can enjoy both your pets and clean carpets.


Weekly Maintenance

  • Thorough Vacuuming:

Once a week, dedicate some time to a more thorough vacuuming session. Use a range of attachments to reach every corner of your home, including under your furniture and along windowsills where pet hair and dirt love to hide. Having your carpets thoroughly vacuumed not only keeps your carpets looking fresh but also reduces allergens in your home.


  • Rotate Furniture:

To prevent uneven wear and indentations, consider rotating your furniture occasionally. Heavy furniture like your couch can leave marks on carpets over time, so simply rotating or moving them a few centimeters away from their original position every few weeks can help distribute weight more evenly. Be sure to lift furniture when moving it to avoid dragging it across the carpet, which can cause damage to the fibers.


Seasonal Maintenance

  • Spring Refresh:

As the weather warms up and allergies come into full swing, it's the perfect time for a spring clean. Start by scheduling a professional carpet cleaning service to deep clean your carpets. Professional steam cleaning removes a high volume of dirt and grease, leaving your carpets looking and smelling fresh for the season ahead.

If you’re unsure about the best cleaning method for your carpets, check out the difference between carpet steam cleaning vs dry cleaning. Additionally, learn 4 spring cleaning tips to keep dust mites and other allergens at bay.


  • Summer Protection:

Summer means more outdoor fun, but it also means more dirt indoors due to the increased foot traffic. Protect your carpets during the summer months by considering a no-shoes indoor policy and placing mats at entryways to trap dirt.


  • Autumn Revival:

As temperatures drop, it's time to prepare your carpets for the colder months ahead. Give your carpets a thorough cleaning to remove summer grime and allergens. Focus on deep cleaning high-traffic areas and treating any stains or spills that have accumulated over the summer months.

Additionally, consider investing in a humidifier to maintain optimal indoor humidity levels, which can prevent static electricity buildup and keep carpets looking their best.


  • Winter Care:

Winter brings moisture, which can lead to mould growth in carpets. To protect your carpets, take proactive steps by placing mats at entryways and wiping shoes before entering the house.  Learn 4 simple steps to prevent mould growth in winter and how to get rid of mould fast if you’re already dealing with a mould problem.

If you missed your spring deep clean, consider scheduling a professional carpet cleaning service in winter to refresh your carpets before spring arrives. Did you know it takes about the same time for carpets to dry in winter as in summer? Discover 4 reasons why winter is a great time for carpet cleaning.

And there you have it – by following our daily, weekly, and seasonal maintenance tips, you'll ensure that your carpets remain at their best! Remember, it’s essential to get your carpets professionally deep clean every 9-12 months or 6-9 months if you have pets.

For complete peace of mind, book your professional carpet cleaning service today.


Disclaimer: The content in this article is intended to be informational only and does not constitute cleaning advice.

Top 10 Carpet Maintenance Tips: Keep Your Carpets in Tip-Top Shape All Year Round!