How to keep your carpets clean with pets

21 Dec 22

Keeping your carpets clean isn’t always easy, but it’s even more challenging if you have pets. From chewing and spewing, to leaving hair, dirt and little ‘surprises’ for you to find, sometimes it seems like our furry family members are deliberately sabotaging our efforts for clean carpets!

But here’s the good news: you can enjoy both your pets and clean carpets. It just takes a few simple steps.


Clean up quickly

The longer you leave something on your carpet, the deeper it can set into the carpet – making it much harder to remove the stain later. This is especially true with pet urine, as the bacteria can quickly seep into the carpet and leave a nasty odour. (Quick tip: sprinkling baking soda on the soiled spot and letting it sit for a few hours before vacuuming can be a short-term fix for dried urine stains)

So as soon as you spot a spill or any other surprise, blot it and then vacuum the area to remove any extra debris.


Keep towels handy

Having a towel (or a mat made of towelling) close to each entrance makes it easy to wipe your pet’s paws when they come inside and leave any dirt at the door. They might not like it at first, but with a little training your dog or cat will get used to the routine.

If they’re still not keen (or if it’s not possible to keep towel mats at the entry ways) some strategically placed rugs are another easy, inexpensive and effective way to protect your carpets.


Clean your carpets regularly

It’s probably no surprise that the best way to keep your carpets clean with pets is to get into a regular routine. This means removing spills daily, vacuuming and mopping weekly, and giving your carpets a deep clean every 6-9 months.

That can be a lot of work on top of everything else you need to do, so thankfully there’s professional carpet cleaning to take care of it all for you. Best of all, your carpet cleaning technician will use commercial equipment and stain-removal products to deep clean your carpets, remove stains, and even protect your floors from future damage.

Given that DIY products and standard vacuuming are rarely effective at completely removing smells and stains, calling in the experts is always going to give you the biggest bang for your buck.

Book your V.I.P. Carpet Cleaning technician today and enjoy living with cleaner carpets – and with pets!


Disclaimer: The content in this article is intended to be informational only and does not constitute cleaning advice.



How to keep your carpets clean with pets