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Imagine never having to clean your home again. Ever. It's what many of us dream about and V.I.P. can help you make it a reality. Imagine all the time you would save — time that you could then spend doing the things you enjoy.


V.I.P. can give you back your weekend 
You work hard all week, so once the weekend comes along, the last thing you want to be doing is the housework. Imagine having one of our V.I.P. franchisees taking care of your housework so that the whole weekend is free for you to really enjoy it, without you spending those hours either cleaning the house, or feeling guilty because you know you should be doing it but you just don’t want to. And why should you? Surely you have better things to do than housework. 


What would you rather be doing instead of cleaning the house?
Everyone and every family is different, but imagine what you could do with all that extra time you won’t be spending on cleaning the house! Maybe it’s a family outing, lunch with the ladies, watching or playing sport, getting to that project you never seem to have time for, visiting friends or anything else you’d rather be doing. And when was the last time you just sat back and relaxed and did nothing — without feeling guilty that you should be cleaning the house?  


The whole family will thank you 
Imagine, no more arguing about whose turn it is to clean the bathroom, mop the kitchen floor or vacuum the lounge room. With one of our V.I.P. franchisees taking care of cleaning your home, you and your whole family can relax and really enjoy your weekend, and all that extra time that you’ll be getting back. 

Tailored house cleaning packages
We can tailor a package to suit you, your needs and your budget. You can choose from:

  • Weekly cleaning service
  • Fortnightly cleaning service
  • Your whole home cleaned
  • Parts of your home cleaned, for example, maybe you only want the bathrooms and kitchen cleaned
  • A tailored package that suits you, your needs and your budget

Time is something we all need more of and with V.I.P. that’s exactly what we give you — more time for you, more time for your family and for what's important in your busy life.

Whether it's weekly, fortnightly or once off cleaning that you require, you will receive our outstanding level of service plus we have our Customer Satisfaction Guarantee to back it up.

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At V.I.P. we’ve been cleaning homes around Australia for more than 20 years. You can be guaranteed that our experience delivers the best results — after all we’ve been perfecting our skills for more than two decades.


We provide cleaning services across Australia including Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, AdelaideCentral Coast, Darwin, Ballarat,Geelong, Mandurah, Toowoomba and Wollongong

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