4 reasons why winter is a great time for carpet cleaning

12 Aug 22

It’s amazing how many myths and misconceptions there are around carpet cleaning – especially when it comes to keeping carpets clean and dry in the winter months. But rest assured, many of these concerns aren’t anything to worry about.

So let’s sort fact from fiction when it comes to carpet cleaning in winter:

Myth 1: Carpets take days to dry in winter

You’ve invested in professional carpet cleaning (wise move!) but before the technician arrives, panic sets in as you spy the week’s wild and wet weather forecast. How on earth will the carpets dry?!

Here’s the good news: it actually takes around the same amount of time for your carpets to dry from steam cleaning in the cooler months than it does in the warmer ones. And that’s because your home heating helps carpets dry – perhaps even faster than in summer, when humidity may occur.

Myth 2: Carpets don’t get dirty in winter

It’s natural to spend more time indoors during winter, but all that increased interaction and foot traffic can cause more dust to be created and spread around – not to mention more stains and water damage. As a result, your carpets and upholstery are likely to get dirtier in winter than in any other season.

Myth 3: I should wait until summer for carpet cleaning

Not many people realise that carpet cleaning is as much about preventing problems as it is about treating them. By booking your carpet cleaning in late autumn or early winter, you’re making your home environment much healthier by reducing the allergens and pollutants that make their way inside during the warmer months.

So winter is in fact a wonderful time to give your home a fresh start with better indoor air quality!

Myth 4: Waiting to clean my carpets won’t matter

We know, we know. The only thing you want to do on cold and wet days is hide under the covers and wait for it to all be over. But bear in mind that the longer you let excessive soiling and stains sit in your carpet, the harder it is to remove – with some damage even becoming irreparable.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you have to do the hard work yourself! Why not keep the Netflix marathon going and let your local carpet cleaning technician take care of it for you?

Disclaimer: The content in this article is intended to be informational only and does not constitute cleaning advice.

4 reasons why winter is a great time for carpet cleaning