6 Best Carpet Cleaning Hacks

02 Jun 22

If your carpets have seen better days, you may be wondering if there’s a quick fix. While you’ll want to hire a professional and fully qualified carpet cleaning technician to truly deep clean and sanitise your carpets, there are some simple tricks you can try to deal with things like crumbs, stains, pet hair and other minor marks in between bookings.

Just try these 6 best carpet cleaning hacks:

1. Fluff fibers with vinegar

If your carpet is looking a little flat and worn out, give vinegar a go. Simply mix it with water (use a 1:1 ratio) and spray it on the affected area. Once it’s settled into the carpet, run the side of a spoon along the fibers to fluff them back up.

2. Scrape solids with a putty knife

Dropped a blob of food or something else on the carpet? Using a cloth or paper towel to pick it up can push the stain deeper into the fibers. Instead, use an old putty knife to scrape it off the floor and push it into a dustpan.

3. Squeegee to the rescue

One of our favourite DIY carpet cleaning hacks is maybe the most surprising: a squeegee! Yes, the humble rubber glass cleaner works wonders on the carpet for picking up pet hair and other dirt. Just run it across the surface and voila! Sure, it’s not a permanent solution, but it is efficient - especially if you’re expecting guests and need a quick spruce up.

4. Deoderise with this pantry staple

Is there anything baking soda can’t do? In this case, mixing a cup of baking soda with 10-20 drops of your favourite essential oil before sprinkling it across the carpet will help your carpets smell fresh and clean (plus, it’s chemical-free!). Simply leave it for a while to work its magic, then give the area a good vacuum.

5. Rewind wine and other food stains

There’s nothing worse than spilling wine, sauce or coffee on your carpet. But thankfully, there is a quick fix to tide you over until your carpet cleaning technician arrives. First, push your vacuum hose onto the stain and leave it for a few seconds. Then, mix ¼ teaspoon of washing up liquid (a clear one if possible) with a cup of water. Spray it over the stain, let it soak in for a minute or two, then gently dab a folded clean white cloth across the stain working from the outside in. Last, spray or pop a little water onto the soiled spot until the stain lifts.

6. Book a qualified carpet cleaning technician

These carpet cleaning hacks are great for a quick fix. But to thoroughly clean your carpets, properly remove stains and dirt, and ensure a healthier environment, your best bet is hiring a fully qualified and accredited carpet cleaning technician.

That’s because while your carpet might look cleaner with a little baking soda or squeegee treatment, nasties like bacteria, mould and fungi linger deep in the fibers, triggering allergies and other health issues. On top of that, a carpet cleaning service that doesn’t invest in accreditation and hire qualified technicians can’t guarantee the best possible results.

Rest assured, all V.I.P. Carpet Cleaning technicians are specialists in their field and hold ITI accreditation – one of the cleaning and restoration industry’s most highly regarded certifying bodies. So you can be confident that as well as working to the strictest standards, they only use professional equipment and proven products such as V.I.P. activeguard™ to genuinely deep clean, sanitise and safeguard your home – with guaranteed long-lasting protection from germs.

For complete peace of mind, book your professional carpet cleaning service today.

6 Best Carpet Cleaning Hacks