Moving To The Country? Buy a Franchise!

17 May 22

Are you moving to the country this year — or at least thinking about it? You’re not alone. In 2020, more Australians migrated to regional and rural areas than ever before.

It makes sense: amidst pandemic lockdowns, more people living in capital cities experienced the freedom of working from home. Others began to question inner-city living perks, given the often long commutes and crowding.

Together with the surge in business, job and lifestyle opportunities in regional areas (partly thanks to promising infrastructure projects), city-dwellers started looking further afield for work-life satisfaction.

If you’re in the same boat, you might like to consider buying a franchise in a booming region. Aside from the already irresistible reasons to buy a franchise in 2022, there are lots of excellent reasons to do so.

Take advantage of high demand

Whether you buy a franchise in home cleaning, commercial cleaning or lawns and gardens, many regional areas are crying out for services. All those people moving out of cities need a regular, reliable and reputable service backed by a trusted brand. And right now, there simply aren’t enough franchisees available to take on the work.

Just ask Glen Glanville, Business Development Manager for V.I.P. Home Services: “With so many people moving out of Melbourne and into regional Victoria, for example, demand has never been higher for quality cleaners and gardeners in these areas.” 

So when you move to a thriving regional centre like Albury, Wodonga, Bendigo or elsewhere, you can literally hit the ground running with customers. And because you buy so much more than just a business name, you’ll have the equipment, software, training and support from the franchisor to start and maintain a successful business.

Buy an existing business

Another great reason to buy a franchise right now in regional Australia is that many booming locations have existing businesses or excess work available — and that means you can start with an established customer base and income potential.

Just take a look at the current franchises for sale on the V.I.P. website and you’ll find Ballarat, Wodonga and Bendigo in Victoria; Port Macquarie in New South Wales; and many more across regional and rural Australia. As more people migrate from capital cities, the opportunities will only grow from there (which means you might end up selling back some of the work you can’t take on, providing another source of income!)

Enjoy a better work-life balance

When you buy a franchise, it’s not all about income of course (although it’s certainly a big benefit to have uncapped earning potential!). Most of our franchisees say the freedom, flexibility and more time with family are the best things about buying a franchise.

So when you pair that with the cleaner and quieter lifestyle, easier commuting, and sense of community on offer in regional hotspots, a move from the metro ratrace becomes even more attractive.

Ready to buy a franchise in regional Australia?

There’s never been a better time. And as a V.I.P. franchisee, you can enjoy our award-winning system with over 40 years of knowledge and solid support. So wherever you choose to move, we’re right by your side.

Ask us about starting your franchise today.

Moving To The Country? Buy a Franchise!