Friends who franchise together, stay together

10 Jun 22

Mark Palmer, a V.I.P. franchisee for nine years, successfully referred his friends Brett and Kate, who have now been part of our franchisee family for three and five years respectively.

Here’s how and why he did it:

Why did you refer your friends to VIP?

I knew Brett through a group of friends and he was interested in my change of career. We often talked about his work and the possibility of a more balanced lifestyle. Kate was similar and was ready for a change and asked me about how I went about it.

What happened next?

I knew Brett would excel at V.I.P and it has proven so. Kate was keen to follow and get some control of her working life, and also has adapted well into her own business. The discussions went to Pam and the introduction into their own businesses was smooth and seamless.

How much support did they need from you to make this decision?

I believe it was a combination of what they had seen as I built my business rapidly and successfully, plus the confidence and knowledge I had in this franchise model. The attraction for all of us was our own hours, with the flexibility to raise children around our busy lives. Any questions were answered with confident answers and all the contacts that I suggested were taken in by them both. We all know that it is a big move to change careers, but with the life and business skills that we have, I knew they were more than capable of thriving.

How did you benefit from the referrals?

We worked closely together in the initial start up to assist each other and gain confidence and experience. Brett, Kate and I all had a management background with a high skill base, and it was only a matter of staying on the path to success. My customers also were impressed with Brett and Kate and it only strengthened the appearance of V.I.P.

How do you continue to support each other today?

We catch up and have become even stronger together in many ways. Our families know each other well and we share a lot of good times together. We are all doing well in our businesses because we are similar in the way we look after our customers, and are strong in all parts of our businesses. These days, we just like each other’s company – from birthdays to general barbecue catch-ups (that’s if I don’t burn all the meat). We help each other when needed in any way, with any guidance required and even helping with a clean from time to time. Brett was always going to do very well, as he is good with people and a really solid worker who puts a lot of emphasis and effort into his customer base. I am proud to know them both.

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Friends who franchise together, stay together