5 Pro Tips for Winter House Cleaning

29 Jul 22

You don’t have to wait until spring to get your home looking and feeling fresh and clean. Just try these 5 top tips for easy winter house cleaning – so you can get back to cosying up on the couch with a hot cuppa!

1. Banish sneaky germs

Did you know your computer and laptops, remote controls, door handles, keys and other surprising spots can also harbour hidden germs? While you can keep them at bay by wiping with a disinfecting product, steer clear of vinegar as this can damage surfaces over time. Your V.I.P. Home Cleaning franchisee can tell you why – as well as take care of deep cleaning for you.

2. Refresh your bed

Cold days are perfect for snuggling up and sleeping in. But all that time spent in bed means more allergens like dust mites, as well as bacteria, skin cells, fungal spores and more.

Sleep easy this winter by booking a mattress clean, too. You probably only need to do it once a year, so now is the perfect time to bring in the experts!

While you’re at it, toss your bedding in the washing machine on warm and say bye-bye bugs.

3. Clean out the fridge

Casseroles, soups and big-batch cooking in winter means your fridge is likely getting a workout. So now’s the best time to declutter and clean it out. Chuck out any expired food, wash and wipe the doors, drawers and shelves, and pop in a jar of bicarb soda to soak up any smells.

Next, pull your fridge away from the wall and clean the area around it. It’s also worth wiping the fridge coils since dirt and dust can reduce their efficiency – which means you might be paying more for energy than you need to.

4. Steam clean your carpets

Let’s start with the best hack for house cleaning in winter: steam cleaning your carpets and upholstery. When you consider how many nasties live in them – and how much time you spend indoors and on the couch in winter – you’ll be wanting to book a professional, accredited carpet cleaning service asap!

And forget the DIY steam cleaners – not only are they a waste of your weekend, they also can’t thoroughly clean and sanitise your carpets and upholstery the way a technician can. Plus, they can make sure bugs and bacteria are kept at bay – which is really important this winter, as colds and flu cases are surging.

5. Wipe the windows

Rainy days are for staying in and watching the world go by. But if it’s been a while since they had a clean, the view is likely looking a little dull! Let the light in by giving them a good wash and wipe – or have your friendly franchisee around for some serious streak-free window cleaning.


BONUS TIP: Hire a professional

While winter means more time indoors, that doesn’t mean you must (or have the time to) spend it cleaning!

Let your local V.I.P. franchisee take care of your winter house cleaning – so you can spend more time with your family doing what you love. Book online today.

5 Pro Tips for Winter House Cleaning