The 6 biggest benefits of proper lawn care

30 Nov 22

Looking after your lawn isn’t just about making it look lush and healthy – although that’s always a great reason! Proper lawn care also has a huge number of plus points for your property, your health and the environment.

Just consider these 6 reasons to look after your lawn:

1. Lawn care improves the air and soil

It might surprise you to know that healthy lawn means healthy air. This is because rich green grass traps and filters dirt, dust and carbon dioxide pollutants that are in the air, before releasing oxygen back out. So if you suffer from allergies or any other health concerns, it may be a good idea to prioritise lawn care all year round.

As well as cleaning the air, a lush lawn keeps soil loose – making it easier for water to be absorbed deep into the ground.

2. Lawn care improves your property value

If you want to get the maximum resale value for your home (and who doesn't?!) it’s worth investing in proper, professional lawn care. Not only is it one of the first things prospective buyers see when they check out your property, it also dramatically enhances your curb appeal – which can boost your selling price.

3. Lawn care reduces runoff

Flooding is a serious issue here in Australia – especially with all this wet weather we’ve been having. Even minor flooding around your home can be both frustrating and costly. But by maintaining your lawn quality, soil is less likely to wash away and cause erosion and flooding.

4. Lawn care keeps the noise down

These days, the cities and suburbs in which we live are getting busier and noisier. A simple way to enjoy a little more peace and quiet is by looking after your lawn. How? Healthy grass acts as insulation, trapping sound and ambient noise.

5. Lawn care is good for you

Looking out across a healthy, thriving landscape has to be one of the biggest benefits to caring for your lawn – helping you feel more rested and calm while boosting your sense of wellbeing. It sure beats looking at dull, diseased and overgrown grass and weeds!

6. Lawn care is good for everyone else

With a beautifully maintained green lawn, you and your loved ones can enjoy endless days relaxing, playing and hosting guests in the great outdoors. You can make the most of the weather, potter in the garden, soak up the sun and otherwise enjoy life!

Beyond your own fence, keeping your lawn healthy is an act of kindness for your community. Who doesn’t love walking or driving through neighbourhoods with a lovely aesthetic and cared-for feel?

Now that you know all the incredible benefits of proper lawn care, you’ll likely want some help to make it happen! Book a lawn care service with your friendly local V.I.P. Lawns & Gardens franchisee today.

The 6 biggest benefits of proper lawn care