8 water saving tips for the lawn and garden

31 Jul 23

If you’d like your lawn and garden to thrive (without big expense!), taking some smart yet simple steps to save water can make a big difference to both the planet and your pocket.

Get started with these 8 water saving gardening and lawn tips:

1. Pick drought-tolerant plants

Sustainable gardening is all about choosing hardy plants. Australian native plants need less water, are relatively low maintenance, and will even bring the birds and bees into your garden. Our top picks are the stunning spotted emu bush, coastal rosemary for hedges, native grasses like dianellas, bottlebrush and banksia. Take a trip to your local nursery or ask your local V.I.P. Lawns & Gardens franchisees for their favourites.

2. Mulch like there’s no tomorrow

One of the best things you can do to keep your soil moist is to mulch around the base of plants. Organic mulches like pea straw and sugarcane are great for keeping your soil healthy and reducing weed growth, while also minimising water runoff.

3. Irrigate your garden

A smart irrigation system makes it much easier to control how much water your plants get – and when. You simply set the timer and let the system do the rest. If you can, choose a setup with a rain sensor to prevent overwatering on wet days.

4. Go for grey water

Did you know you can repurpose wastewater from inside your home and use it in the garden? All you need is a special hose to connect to your washing machine and other outlet pipes to send grey water to your lawn and garden beds. Just don’t use it on any edible plants, as greywater can contain bacteria and viruses.

5. Fix leaks

Just one leaky tap can waste more than 2,000 litres of water every month! So every so often, take a trip around your garden and repair any leaking taps, fittings and hoses. If you go shopping for replacements, choose the best quality fittings you can afford.

6. Choose water-saving nozzles

If you’re in the market for a new hose or fitting, look for water-saving products. There are many affordable options available these days, such as tap timers that can be programmed to only water for a set amount of time.

7. Sprinkle smart

If you use a sprinkler system, it’s best not to set and forget. Keep an eye on your sprinkler to ensure it’s watering the right spots in your garden – and avoid using it on windy days when water can be whipped up and wasted.

8. Get some help in the garden

Keeping your garden green without wasting water can be a challenge – especially here in Australia. If you don’t have the time to manage it all yourself, your local V.I.P. Lawns & Gardens franchisee can take care of your lawn and garden when and how it suits you. Book a gardening and lawn mowing service today.

8 water saving tips for the lawn and garden