Is it profitable to own a home cleaning business?

11 Dec 23

If you have dreams of becoming your own boss, you may be wondering if it’s profitable to own a home cleaning business. For instance, you might be asking yourself how much money you need to get started, whether you’ll make enough income to support your family, and how long it could take to make a profit.

To help you answer these questions, we’ve asked our franchise managers and home cleaning franchisees for their top tips and insights.

Is there high demand for home cleaning businesses in Australia?

Demand for domestic cleaning services in Australia has never been higher. In fact, the industry is expected to grow by around 3.7% annually over the next five years.

There are several reasons for this. First, homeowners and tenants are busier than ever, juggling the different demands of work and family. That means they simply don’t have the time or energy at the end of the day to tackle household chores.

Secondly, Australia’s holiday rental and property development markets are booming. Many of our franchisees have built businesses by cleaning holiday and short-term rentals in their local community.

How much does it cost to start a home cleaning business?

Start-up costs are low for home cleaning businesses – especially if you join a reputable franchisor. For example, you won't need to rent an office, pay electricity, or invest in a work vehicle. 

Plus, if you buy a home cleaning franchise, you'll likely pay less for your training costs, cleaning supplies, uniform, signage and other items.

Bear in mind that these items can cost a lot more if you strike out on your own. However, you can still expect to spend less setting up your home cleaning business compared to other types. And that means you can generate higher profits more quickly.

How quickly can I grow my home cleaning business?

Running a profitable home cleaning business is also about growth. And the good news is that you can simply hire more cleaning staff to service more clients. In fact, many of our most successful home cleaning franchisees have done just that.

You can also grow more quickly with a franchise business because it has proven systems, a known brand, and a strong reputation.

Consider these extra tips for starting a successful home cleaning business.


How much income can I make from a home cleaning business?

Before talking dollars and cents, it’s important to point out that how much you make in your home cleaning business depends on a lot of factors. For instance:

  • Do you plan to join a franchise or go it alone?
  • Will you start with an established customer base?
  • Do you plan to hire anyone and grow your business?
  • How many hours do you wish to work? 
  • Will you offer any specialist services, like carpet cleaning or window cleaning?

However, make sure your chosen franchisor will support your income goals. At V.I.P. for example, we offer an income guarantee with 26 weeks of income relief if your business makes over $1,500 a week. That means if you earn $1,000 in a week, we’ll cover the $500 difference.*


How can I start a profitable home cleaning business?

As you can see, a high-growth industry backed by a strong franchisor is a recipe for business success. Ready to make the most of the home cleaning boom and enjoy more financial freedom? Get in touch with us today.

We can answer any questions you have and take you through the 4 steps to buying a franchise business.

*Conditions apply.

Is it profitable to own a home cleaning business?