19 Spring Cleaning tips for your home

20 Oct 16

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and the flowers are blooming – spring has arrived and so has the time to give your home a spruce up with a spring clean.

Here are a few simple tips to help you get started with your spring clean:


  • Use microfibre coths, they reduce the need for cleaning chemicals and are reusable.
  • Disinfect your sponge by placing it in the microwave for a minute.
  • Clean from top to bottom, that way any dirt you knock down to the floor is picked up easily when you sweep the floor.
  • Choose the correct broom for your work. Indoors require a broom with finer bristles for picking up fine dirt particles. Outdoor areas require a broom with stiffer bristles to get into porous materials.
  • Store your brooms with the handle facing down, it helps to protect the bristles.
  • Pick a dustpan with a rubber strip to prevent that line of dust and dirt being left over.
  • Multitask. Completing two tasks at once will help complete the work quickly.


  • Start with your stove. It is generally the dirtiest item in the kitchen, and then move onto other areas.
  • Disinfect the sink. Sinks can become built up with bacteria over time.
  • Place a non-stick liner on the base of your oven, it becomes much easier to clean, by simply wiping it down with a damp cloth.


  • Rubbing lemon oil on your shower screen will help water to roll off of it quickly.
  • Wash your shower curtain by throwing it in your washing machine with a couple of towels, these will help clean it.
  • Keep drains clear by pouring drain cleaner down them. Pour boiling water down drains once a week to keep them clog free.
  • Wipe up loose hairs on your bathroom floor with a damp wad of toilet paper.


  • Making your bed will instantly make your bedroom look tidier.
  • Go through your wardrobe, donate or throw out what you haven’t worn for at least 12 months.
  • Keep only the essentials on your bedside table (alarm clock, tissues, and a lamp)


  • Add two tennis balls to your dryer loads to remove static cling.
  • Wash using cold water, it cuts down on your power bills, excluding sheets and undergarments.

If this all seems too much and you have too much to do and not enough time, then let us provide you with a free no obligation quote for a spring clean for your home. In a quick call you could be enjoying the sunshine rather than scrubbing, scouring and sweeping.

Simply call us on 13 26 13 or click here.

If you need your spring cleaning done but don’t have the time, call us on 13 26 13 and we can provide you with a free no obligation quote on a spring cleaning package to suit you.

19 Spring Cleaning tips for your home