How making mud pies can help children grow!

20 Oct 16

Remember the good old days where our biggest worry was who we were going to play with at lunch time or what game were we going to play in the backyard.

Those were the days!

Playing outside in the mud, climbing trees and exploring the great outdoors all help children to not only build memories but develop skills and be healthy.

Now more than ever before it’s important for kids to spend time outdoors particularly when we’re all spending more time in front of a screen rather than outside enjoying the sunshine.

Nature Play Australia have found that Australian children spend less than two hours a day outside, one in four children have never climbed a tree and the area that children have the opportunity to play and explore in has shrunk by 90%.

What scary stats! Imagine never having climbed a tree! Don’t you think it’s time we fixed that? 

Outdoor play is important for a child’s development, their happiness and health. Outdoor play can overcome the issue of obesity in young people in Australia and can decrease symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression in children.

Outdoor play helps children learn self-control of their action and decisions and encourages children to take risks and problem solve. Nature Play aims to 'make unstructured outdoor play in nature an everyday part of childhood.'

Nature play aim to work with other organisations and families to help this generation and upcoming generations have the opportunity to grow into strong, healthy, resilient young people with memories of adventures outside.  What a great goal!  We want to be part of this and help families create fun, exciting and engaging spaces for children to play and explore. 

If you’re interested in creating this type of space for your children, give us a call on 13 26 13.

We’d love to help develop a garden that it both great to look at that also provides a fun space for your children to explore. 

Here’s to more children creating their own worlds of fun in the great outdoors – let’s let their imaginations run wild!


How making mud pies can help children grow!