How to clean your fridge

22 Nov 16

Cleaning your fridge regularly ensures no odours or bacteria can grow in your fridge.

We have all experience the awful smell when you open your fridge and something is off.

Regular cleaning prevents this and it is easy to have a clean healthy fridge in your home.

Why it is important to clean your fridge:

  • 4.1 million people in Australia suffer severe food poisoning every year.
  • 20 people each minute come down with food poising around the world.
  • One food poisoning bug can multiply to one million in less than seven hours.
  • Experts recommend cleaning your fridge once a week.
  • Salad drawer is the most dangerous place for mould and bacteria in the fridge when not clean properly.
  • Dangerous bugs such as E. coli, Salmonella and Listeria all multiply and thrive in unclean fridges.
  • An unclean fridge is a breeding ground for microscopic moulds and bacteria.

What you need:

  • Cleaning products
  • Cloth

What to do:

  • 1. Remove all food from your fridge.

  • 2. Throw out any food that is out of date, has developed mould or is no longer edible. 

  • 3. Empty the bin so your house doesn’t smell of the foods you are disposing.

  • 4. Remove any shelving and draws from the fridge. 

  • 5. Wash the shelves and draws with a multipurpose cleaning product that removes any bacteria on the surface.
  • 6. Clean the inside of your fridge with your favourite natural smelling cleaning product. 

  • 7. Dry off the inside of your fridge and the shelves and draws. 

  • 8. Replace the shelves and draws.

  • 9. Place the food back in the fridge.

It is always a good idea to examine the food that is in the fridge every food shop.

This saves you coming across old food that develops a smell.

How to clean your fridge