Fairy Garden for Family Day Care Centre

03 Oct 16

Imagine creating a magical backyard for your little ones!

V.I.P. Lawn and Garden Franchisee Mike Johnson from North Lakes, Queensland was asked by a customer if he was able to create a fairy fantasy garden for children at a local family day care centre.

Mike, loving a challenge, took the job on and started discussing ideas with the staff at the centre to see what would be suitable for the children.

With Mike’s skills in welding, paving, and building pergolas, the day care centre was excited to see what Mike would come up with.

Mike decided to make use of pebbled pathways, a large wooden door to inspire the imagination of children, hanging windows, large rocks, and even a wishing well filled with flowers.

The children loved the new addition to their child care centre and have been running and laughing with the fairies ever since.



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