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Give Your Dad the Gift of Free Time

21 Aug 18

Sometimes life gets so busy that Father's Day sneaks up on you. Sure, everybody knows Father's Day is on a Sunday and that it's in September but this year it's on the very first weekend, 2nd of September, so don't get caught out!

Is your dad hard to buy for?
Sometimes dads can be really hard to buy for. There are a number of reasons for this:

  • They might not be able to think of anything they want or need when you ask them.
  • They might not want you to bother with a gift.
  • Or you might have a dad who's just got everything they could possibly need, already.

Whatever the reason is, it doesn't help you if you still want to show your dad that you love him and he's special and you want to get him something that you know he'll really appreciate.

If you've run out of gift ideas
You don't want to give your dad socks and jocks for Father's Day, and you don't want to get him yet another aftershave and deodorant kit in case he thinks you're trying to tell him something. You also really want to get him something different than you did last year — especially if last year's gift is still sitting in its box which hasn't even been opened. Well, at V.I.P. we think we've got the answer.

A V.I.P. Gift Voucher is the perfect gift for Father's Day
Whether your dad's really busy, or he hates mowing the lawn and doing the gardening, or you really want to encourage him to get rid of that old lawn mower that he still insists on using, or you just don't trust him with the whipper snipper after last time, a V.I.P. Gift Voucher is the perfect Father's Day gift.

Click here to buy now
Our V.I.P. Gift Vouchers are just $10 which means that you can get one from the kids and some more from you. It will take you just a couple of minutes to buy online though our secure website and we'll Express Post them - so you can relax, knowing your dad's Father's Day gift has been totally taken care of.

Give Your Dad the Gift of Free Time



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