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It's Officially Spring Cleaning Time

12 Sep 18

Spring has sprung and this is traditionally the time that most of us get stuck into doing some Spring Cleaning around the house. That sunshine is lovely but gee, it does show up the dust, doesn’t it? And what about those windows! It’s a shame if we can’t enjoy the view properly because the windows are rain-streaked, dirty, dusty… or worse! 

Spring Cleaning at your place might also mean washing those winter blankets and throws before packing them away, getting your spring and summer clothing out of the back of the wardrobe, seeing what you’ve got to wear, what simply has to go, and making a list of anything you’d like to buy to make sure you’re in fashion this year. But watch out — there’s something funny that happens once you start organising your wardrobe — it can lead to organising other areas of the house. 

And even decluttering
After all, do you really need 4 dinner sets, 23 vases and goodness knows how many kitchen gadgets that you’ve collected over the years? Maybe it’s time to let go of some of them. Actually, this wardrobe reorganising and decluttering sounds like much more fun than doing the boring old housework of Spring Cleaning, so if you’d prefer to have someone else doing your Spring Cleaning this year, give V.I.P. a call. We’re experts at it. 

At V.I.P. Spring Cleaning is a specialty
A V.I.P. Spring Cleaning service includes kitchen cleaning, bathroom cleaning, laundry cleaning, mould removal, oven cleaning, vacuuming, mopping, dusting, Micro Fibre Cleaning and the use of environmentally friendly products. Your local V.I.P. Home Cleaning Franchisee will be in and out before you know it, and your home will be looking so great, you’ll wonder how you left it for so long. 

One of our happy Spring Cleaning clients
One of V.I.P.’s Spring Cleaning customers is Jennie from Athelstone who was delighted with the job that V.I.P. franchisees Janet and Rod did at her home. Here’s what she had to say: 

“We were very pleased with the spring clean. Lovely to come home to a clean house. Loved the ‘stuff’ you put on shower glass walls, didn’t have to squeegee for 2 days, the water just ran off.”

Spring for a Spring Clean for a loved one
Do you have someone you know who’d just love some help with their Spring Cleaning, too? Why not give them the gift of free time with some V.I.P. Gift Vouchers, just $10. It will only take you just a couple of minutes to buy them online though our secure website, and we’ll Express Post them. So why not give yourself the gift of free time by booking a V.I.P. Spring Clean and give someone you love the gift of free time, too.


It's Officially Spring Cleaning Time



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