Time for a Spring Clean

08 Sep 20

Spring has sprung and this is traditionally the time that most of us get stuck into doing some Spring Cleaning around the house. That sunshine is lovely but gee, it does show up the dust, doesn’t it? And what about those windows! It’s a shame if we can’t enjoy the view properly because the windows are rain-streaked, dirty, dusty… or worse! 

Spring Cleaning at your place might also mean washing those winter blankets and throws before packing them away, getting your spring and summer clothing out of the back of the wardrobe, seeing what you’ve got to wear and, what simply has to go.

Actually, this wardrobe reorganising and decluttering sounds like much more fun than doing the boring old housework of Spring Cleaning, so if you’d prefer to have someone else doing your Spring Cleaning this year, give V.I.P. a call. 

V.I.P are the Spring Cleaning Experts 

V.I.P. has been helping South Australians with their Home Cleaning and Spring Cleaning for over 25 years, explains V.I.P. Franchisee, Mark Palmer. 

“Just like every family and every home is different, every Spring Clean is different, too. People have different expectations — which is why we go out to visit their home so we can give them a detailed and accurate quote. Because a full Spring Clean involves a lot more than a regular clean.”

If your home hasn’t had a thorough clean for quite some time, there’s normally more dust, more hair, more fur, etc — and with V.I.P. there are quite a few added extras that we include in the typical Spring Clean. 

Spring Cleaning Extras
Spring cleaning extras can include — carpet cleaning, window cleaning inside and out including tracks and screens. And cleaning the blinds as well, one louvre at a time. Pool glass fencing too. Cleaning inside the microwave, oven, stove top burners and range hood including filters, dusting and cleaning of ceiling fans and light fittings, marks on walls, vacuuming and mopping of tiles on porches and balconies, cobwebbing too. 

Kitchen and bathroom exhaust fan covers are washed and wiped down, clothes dryer filters are cleaned thoroughly. And then there’s the cleaning of air-conditioning ducts and filters. Which is where the savings come in, according to Mark. 

V.I.P. Spring Cleans Save Money
“I’ve had more than one client absolutely amazed at how much better their airconditioner worked once I’d cleaned the filters. No more need to crank up the heating or cooling and their power bills dropped dramatically.” 

Mark says there have been many times that the clients have been so impressed with their one-off clean, it has led to regular work. Spring Cleans, Builders Cleans and End of Lease Cleans are all one-off cleans that V.I.P. offer their customers. 

Spring for a Spring Clean for a loved one
Do you have someone you know who’d just love some help with their Spring Cleaning, too? Why not give them the gift of free time with a V.I.P. EGift Card, from just $50. It will only take you a couple of minutes to buy it them online though our secure website and we’ll email it on the day of purchase.



Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash

Time for a Spring Clean