Get Ready for Christmas With VIP

24 Oct 18

It’s HOW!!! many weeks till Christmas???

Just like all those tradies who have stories about how they have to pave a massive outdoor area ‘as big as Federation Square’ or quickly ‘knock up a pergola’ in time for Christmas because their customer’s rellies are all coming over and they want it to look perfect, many of our franchisees also get very busy during the frantic lead-up to Christmas Day. People are starting to catch on to the idea of outsourcing their cleaning or their gardening because there really is just too much for them to do. 

Is it your turn to lay out the welcome mat?
If you’ve drawn the short straw and it’s your turn to entertain the troops this festive season, chances are you’re in the middle of drawing up a big long list of things to do right now. In fact, you’re probably adding to that list faster than you’re crossing things off!

Even though we all know that Christmas comes along every year at the same time and there’s always so much to do, somehow many of us get still get caught out. We tend to forget how exhausting it can be and we try to do wa-a-a-ay too much before the big day. 

If your list is getting longer and longer and you’ve got no show of getting everything crossed off without ending up a frazzled mess, pick up the phone and give us a call to book us in. 

Let V.I.P. help you make your home and garden look fabulous
Maybe your lawns and garden don’t look quite as lush and green as you’d like them to. Or you might need some extra help to make absolutely sure that your house is sparkling clean and ready for guests. 

If you’re nodding in agreement while you’re reading this, why not contact us and let us organise for your local V.I.P. Home Cleaning or Lawns and Garden franchisee to come and do a one-off house clean or garden tidy-up. And in case your garden looks like it would need a flame-thrower rather a tidy-up, don’t despair - we also do landscaping.

Please don’t leave it till the last minute!
Our phones are ringing off the hook as Christmas draws nearer so please don’t leave it till the last minute - we aim to please and we never like saying we just can’t fit your job in because we’re fully booked. Put it on your list of things to do soon, or better yet, just pick up the phone right now and book us in for the big day. Your rellies will be impressed.  

Get Ready for Christmas With VIP