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Summer's Coming Fast - Are You Bushfire Ready?

22 Nov 18

Right now, as news bulletins are full of the terrible bushfire toll in the U.S. it’s a reminder to everyone living in bushfire zones in Australia that summer is nearly here. And with summer comes the threat of bushfires. 

For example, according to the RAA’s Insurance data, bushfires damaged more than 260 homes and caused nearly $8 million worth of damage in the past 5 years in South Australia alone. Take into account all of the bushfire zones around the country and that adds up to a lot of homes, a lot of money and a lot of lives changed forever.  

The risk is higher than usual
Every state and territory has their own local conditions, of course. For example, in South Australia, the fire danger season has been brought forward by 2 weeks because of the drier than usual conditions that we’ve experienced in Adelaide this winter. 

Do you have a bushfire plan?
If you’re in a bushfire-prone area, it’s a good idea to contact your local fire services authority for advice on how best to prepare your home and property to make sure that you, your family and your community is well protected. In the meantime, here are a few tips to get you started. 

3 quick tips to help you stay safe
1. Gutters - are your gutters cleared out or still blocked with leaves from winter?
2. Long grass - does your garden or block need slashing to keep the grass short?
3. Trees and undergrowth - do you have dead trees, or plants which need cutting back or cutting down?

Let V.I.P. help you protect your property and your loved ones
You don’t have to be a regular V.I.P. customer to get help from us — we get an increased number of calls around this time of year from people who just need a helping hand to get things under control and ready for summer. If it’s a job that’s just too much for you, don’t get overwhelmed! Simply give us a call at V.I.P. and let one of our franchisees help you make sure that your home and property is as safe as possible and ready for summer. 

Call 13 26 13 now and we’ll connect you to your local V.I.P. Lawns and Garden franchisee. 

Summer's Coming Fast - Are You Bushfire Ready?



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