Summer's Coming Fast - Are You Bushfire Ready?

27 Nov 20

Summer’s right around the corner - are you prepared? 

With the extra hot temperatures many areas of Australia have already been experiencing in the past weeks, it might feel like summer has been here for a while. 2020 brought some of the worst bushfire conditions Australia has seen in years - so it is extremely important to make sure your home and property are as protected as you can possibly make them.

Do you have a bushfire plan?

If you’re in a bushfire-prone area, it’s a good idea to contact your local fire services authority for advice on how best to prepare your home and property to make sure that you, your family and your community is well protected. In the meantime, here are a few tips from us to get you started.

3 quick tips to help you and your property stay safe

• Gutters — are your gutters cleared out or still blocked with leaves from winter?

• Long grass — does your garden or block need slashing to keep the grass short?

• Trees and undergrowth — do you have dead trees, or plants which need cutting back or cutting down?

At V.I.P. we welcome one-off jobs

As with many of the home services we have on offer, you don’t have to be a regular V.I.P. customer to get help from us. In fact, we get a lot of calls around this time of year from people who just need a helping hand to get things under control and ready for summer. So, if cleaning those gutters, slashing that grass or clearing out the dry undergrowth is a job that’s too big for you to manage yourself, please don’t get overwhelmed and put it in the too-hard basket!

Let V.I.P. help you protect your property and your loved ones

Simply give us a call at V.I.P. and let one of our franchisees help you make sure that your home and property is as safe as possible and ready for summer.

Call 13 26 13 now and we’ll connect you to your local V.I.P. Lawn Mowing and Gardening franchisee.


Summer's Coming Fast - Are You Bushfire Ready?