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This Mother's Day Give Mum the Gift of Free Time

11 Apr 19

Yes, it’s easy to get caught up in being busy but Mother’s Day is Sunday 12 May this year and it will sneak up on you fast (because it always does) so don’t get caught out. With our V.I.P. eGift Card, purchased with a click online, there’s absolutely no need to run to the shopping centre at the very last minute for whatever gift you can quickly grab, ever again. 

Enough fluffy slippers already!
Mums are usually really lovely and say ‘Thank you so much!’ whatever you give them for Mother’s Day (because they love you) but if they already have a wardrobe full of fluffy slippers, and dressing table drawers chock-a-block full of perfumes, maybe it’s time for a rethink for your Mother’s Day gift this year. And no, we don’t mean a foot spa! However, speaking of feet… most mums would probably love an excuse to put their feet up for a change, so if that sounds like your mum, we think this is the ideal gift. 

A V.I.P. Gift Voucher is the perfect gift for Mother’s Day
Imagine how rapt your mum will be when she sees that you you’ve bought her the gift of someone else doing the housework for a change. Imagine mum coming home to a house that doesn’t have socks and shoes and school bags everywhere, floors that have been swept and vacuumed, a kitchen and bathroom that shine, bedrooms and living areas that are tidy and dusted, and windows that are so squeaky clean you can’t see the glass. All of which has been achieved with no yelling, no nagging, and no one arguing about whose turn it is to do what. Just silence. And a sparkling, freshly cleaned home. Now, that’s a gift! 

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Our V.I.P. eGift Vouchers start from just $50 and it takes only a couple of minutes to buy one online though our secure website. They’re then emailed to you the very same day, so no stress! Then you can relax, knowing your mum’s Mother’s Day gift has been totally taken care of. We reckon she’ll love it. 

This Mother's Day Give Mum the Gift of Free Time



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