Winter Landscaping

09 Jun 21

Why the best time is now
Winter is the time that many of us hibernate. We stay indoors watching Netflix and get Uber Eats in so we don’t have to move out from under that nice warm blanket for very long. So, you might be surprised to learn that winter is also a great time for landscaping your garden.

In the garden, nothing much is happening, there’s not much growth, things are dormant, so you can stand back and take a good look at what you’ve got and have a think about what you’d like to do. 

Softer soil means the digging is easier
One very important thing to note in winter is that the garden soil is wetter and softer than it is mid-summer when the ground gets really hard. In winter, your garden soil is easier to dig up. Better on the shovel, better on the back. 

What sort of landscaping does your garden need?
Whether it’s a small section of your front or back garden that you’d like to make a feature out of, a massive makeover or something in between, V.I.P. can take care of it for you. Paving, decking, window boxes, new garden beds and more. And if you think you really don’t have room, because you’ve only got a small courtyard home, think again — what about a fabulous vertical garden? Your local V.I.P. lawnie could transform that blank, boring wall into a wall of greenery. 

So, next time you get home, stop at the front gate and have a good look at your front yard and around the back. If you reckon your garden needs a bit of TLC, give us a call at V.I.P. Your local lawnie would love to help you plan your landscaping and do all the hard work as well. That way, when it comes round to BBQ weather, your neighbours will be absolutely green with envy.    

Winter Landscaping