How Dusty is Your Home?

08 Sep 20

Reaching for the hay fever spray? Looking for someone to blame like the pets or even the flowers?

Have you considered it could simply be dust? 

You may be thinking that the house has been all closed up for winter so how could dust get in? Well, you might be amazed at how much dust gets in from outside — especially if your home has a fan-forced heater — they’ll draw dust in from the outside air, all winter long. And then all that dust settles inside nicely.  

You don’t really notice the dust while the house is all cosily tucked up for winter. Until it’s time to put down the remote, stop hibernating, open the curtains, throw open the doors and windows and all of a sudden you notice — all that lovely sunshine is shining and highlighting that there is dust everywhere! 

Here’s a short-term solution for dust

Just don’t move any ornaments even a smidge, then you don’t really notice the dust. But unfortunately, you’re still breathing it in. 

The best solution for a dusty house is to give us a call and book your local V.I.P. Home Cleaning Franchisee to come and do a Spring Clean at your place. That will fix the dust issue. And it may help you decide that you don’t have hay fever after all.


Maybe someone you know has a dusty house?

Maybe you know a family member or a friend who has a very dusty house that could really do with some help to get it nice and clean and tidy and dust-free. Why not give them the gift of a Spring Clean with an eGift Card from V.I.P. Our eGift Cards are priced from just $50, ordering online only takes a minute, and we’ll email the eGift Card to you or your loved one. 

Just don’t tell them that their house looks dusty — tell them you’re giving them the gift of free time! 

How Dusty is Your Home?