Mulching? There's a V.I.P solution for that

17 Sep 19

The many benefits of mulching
If you take the dog for a walk round the block and peek into other people’s gardens, you might be surprised to see so many garden beds with bare earth surrounding the plants and not a tiny bit of mulch in sight. Which is really surprising because mulching has so many benefits for your garden. Mulching benefits include keeping the soil temperatures more constant and keeping all that precious moisture in the soil so it doesn’t evaporate before the plant roots can drink it in.


Mulch helps with the weeds
Mulch is really helpful when you’re trying to keep those weeds under control, and don’t forget to put some mulch into your pots as well. This is especially important to do if you have any pots up against a wall. They’ll absorb the heat from the wall which will dry out the pot plants that much faster so mulch in the pot will help keep the soil moist for longer. Before you mulch your pots, get a little garden fork to loosen up the soil, then add some fertiliser and soil improver. Suitable mulch can include leaves, bark or stones.


How much mulch is too much mulch?
In case you’re thinking the more mulch the better, that’s not necessarily so. Too much mulch and the water just can’t get through to the soil, which means the plants can’t benefit. So we recommend about 2-3 inches (5-7cm) of mulch, maximum.


Let the garden experts give you a hand
In case you don’t love gardening, don’t have a green thumb, or don’t want to tackle all that gardening work yourself, call your local V.I.P. lawnie and get them to come and help you, or better yet, do it all for you. Phone us on 13 26 13 today.


Photo by Fernando Reyes on Unsplash

Mulching? There's a V.I.P solution for that