Spring Gardening and Planting

17 Sep 19

How does your garden grow?

Spring has well and truly sprung and now you’ve got the lawn, the garden beds, the weeds and the mulch sorted, it’s time to check out the focus of the garden — the plants.


Room for every plant

If a plant doesn’t have room to grow, it won’t. This is the time to look at not just your plants in the ground, but in your pots — and don’t forget the hanging pots. Chances are, if that plant is looking a bit sad and sorry for itself, it may be root-bound. Time for repotting. And just because the plant is in the ground rather than in a pot, doesn’t mean it can’t be root-bound.


A common planting mistake

Often when a plant is put into the garden, the hole that’s dug for it is only as big as it needs to be to put the plant in, straight from the pot you bought it in. Looks great for a while, but if the soil around it is too hard, it’s just impossible for the roots to get into it. The top of the plant will reflect the underground part of the plant — no room for the roots to spread and grow properly means that the plant can’t grow to its full potential. So, don’t take short cuts when you’re planting out your garden (unless you’re doing it to sell your home!) soil preparation is critical.


Give your local V.I.P. lawnie a call

Because Australia is such a big country with so many different regions and climates, we don’t like to give too much specific gardening advice because it varies so much from region to region. That’s what your local V.I.P. lawnie is for! They would be happy to help you get your garden growing beautifully.


Photo by Gabriel Jimenez on Unsplash

Spring Gardening and Planting