Introducing the Home Card

10 Oct 19


Home Card is here — another great way to give a loved one a gift they will really appreciate, even if you don’t know exactly what that might be! 


A gift card that’s even better 
Before now, if you were stuck with trying to work out what exactly they’ll love for a present, you could always buy someone a gift card for a particular store or service. Which was all very well and a lovely thought — but, of course, the person you bought it for was restricted to shopping only at that store. 

V.I.P. is in good company
The new Home Card was launched last month and offers your loved one not just one, but nine different places that they can redeem their gift card. As well as V.I.P., they can choose from House, Wheel and Barrow, Matt Blatt, Provincial Living, Adairs, Matchbox, Temple and Webster and Robins Kitchen.

These businesses are all to do with the Home and making it even more fabulous, which, of course, is why they’re on the Home Card. 


Another way to give the gift of free time
With V.I.P. Home Services, you’re giving your loved one the gift of free time. And who doesn’t want more free time! Whether it’s mowing the lawns or gardening, home cleaning, window cleaning, carpet cleaning or end of lease cleaning, they will love being able to put their feet up and let someone else do the work for them. 

One thing’s for sure, if they’re a bit of a homebody or really houseproud, you can be pretty certain that a Home Card from The Card Network will be really welcome. Likewise, if they’re a new mum. Or a hard-working dad with no time for the gardening. Or if they’re moving and don’t want to go back to the old place to clean it up. Or for anyone who could do with a bit of a hand around the house. 


Buying your Home Card is easy
The Home Card is available at Coles, Woolworths and other retail outlets. So, next time you’re out shopping, simply pick up a card at the value of either $50 or $100 and it will be activated when it’s scanned at the checkout. Just look for the big gift card stand in stores, Australia wide. 

Introducing the Home Card