Plant Choices

07 Jan 20


Are your plant choices letting you down?

With all the fabulous home and garden shows on TV and the divine magazines and websites encouraging us to get stuck into the garden and make it more beautiful, there’s so much information out there, it’s easy to get overwhelmed, confused and go in the wrong direction when choosing plants for your garden. But, there are some amazing plants out there, so it’s well worth taking a bit of extra time to plan.


 Choosing plants — top tip! 

Next time you’re choosing plants for your garden, remember the top tip from our Victorian Regional Manager, Glen is — ‘don’t just buy what you like, buy what is going to work for you’. It really is worth doing your research.


Spending a bit of extra time up front before rushing out and buying loads of lovely (expensive) plants might save you some tears later on. So, check out the tag on those plants, have a good chat to the assistant at the garden shop, and talk to your V.I.P. lawnie about what plants would be best for your garden.


 How to choose the best plants for your area

We think this is a great excuse to have a sticky-beak at your neighbours’ gardens. Why not take a drive or go for a walk around your neighbourhood and see what sort of plants are doing well in your area.


You never know, you may strike up a great conversation with another keen gardener and learn how to avoid mistakes they’ve made, or even get some free cuttings. Make sure you take some photos of plants you like and then have a chat to your V.I.P. lawnie to see what they think would be the best plants for you, your garden and your green thumb, or lack of it.



Plant Choices