Sprinkler System Problems?

10 Jan 21

So, how's your Sprinkler System going?

With all the great sprinkler systems you can choose from down at your local hardware or garden store, the days of standing outside in the summer heat with a hose, shooing away flies and getting bitten by mozzies should be long gone. If you’ve got a sprinkler system with a timer, you can simply set and forget. Easy. Unless, of course, your current sprinkler system is just not doing its job properly.

Before you rip out your old sprinkler system...

If your sprinkler system isn’t watering your lawn or garden like it should, here are a few questions to ask before you spit the dummy and rip it out.

 Have you checked for blockages and leaks?

 Is your water pressure up to the job?

 Do you have too many sprinkler heads? Or could they be the wrong type?

“My sprinkler system isn’t working properly”

We often hear this from our clients and in many cases, it’s a simple fix — if you know what you’re looking for.

For example, Mrs. B. one of our Melbourne clients was annoyed because she had a sprinkler system for an area of lawn that looked like it should easily do the job but it just wasn’t. And the lawn was looking terrible.

Glen, her V.I.P. lawnie was happy to check it out for her and when he did, discovered the problem quickly. There were 12 heads in that section of the sprinkler system, but when he did the bucket test to check the water pressure, it wasn’t anywhere near high enough to support 12 heads.

The solution? He capped some of the heads, which meant the water pressure per head was higher.

The result? More sprinkling, better lawn, and a very happy Mrs. B.

And this is not an isolated incident. Our V.I.P. lawnies can tell you story after story of sprinkler systems that aren’t doing the job properly but can be fixed. Sadly, some of those stories involve people who have already invested quite a bit of time, money and effort in a new sprinkler system when a tweak of their old system would have done the trick.

We know sprinkler systems

Before you go and spend thousands on a new sprinkler system, give us a call at V.I.P. and ask for your local lawnie to come out and have a look at your sprinkler system to see if it can be fixed. And just in case you do need a new one, the range on offer can get quite confusing so talk to us before you buy so we can guide you in the right direction. At V.I.P. we can fix your sprinkler system or we can help you install the right one for your water pressure, your garden and your budget.



Sprinkler System Problems?