Summer is Ideal for Carpet Cleaning

07 Dec 20


Not sure how to go about carpet cleaning? Let us help you...

With all the Summer entertaining bound to be happening at your place, there'll be kids, snags, sauce, food and wine...and probably dogs and cats as well. Which means now would be the perfect time to get that carpet cleaning done - especially if you've been putting it off.

Did you know that carpet manufacturers recommend cleaning your carpets  every year? Well, Summer's the perfect time to do so. The warmer weather means open doors and windows, and faster drying. 

And while you've got your V.I.P franchisee there doing the carpets, why not get the whole hog - it's the perfect opportunity to get your lounge suites and mattresses dry-cleaned or steam-cleaned, too. So, plan a day to get your whole family out of the house and book your carpet, lounge suite and mattress cleaning today.

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Summer is Ideal for Carpet Cleaning