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How V.I.P. Can Save You Money in the Warmer Months

07 Dec 20

Looking to save? Let us help you with our V.I.P. solution...

You may or may not have noticed that dust is very attracted to air-con vents, filters, ceiling fans and blades. Whenever dust is present, so are dust mites - which bring allergies, itchy eyes, coughing and sinus infections. A dirty air-conditoning filter really affects the quality of air in your home.

So maybe it's time to suggest that your next home cleaning service should include cleaning of your air-con and fans. Cleaning the air-con filter also improves the life of the air conditioning unit itself, and enables it to work much more efficiently - leading to higher energy and lower power bills, a real win-win!

Find out more about our Home Cleaning Services, talk to your Home Cleaner or call us on 13 26 13 to enquire about this service.


How V.I.P. Can Save You Money in the Warmer Months



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