Lawn Care in Autumn

09 Mar 21

Stuck at home watching the lawn grow?

If your lawn looks like it’s grown even taller each time you look out the window, it’s not surprising. With the weather many of us are experiencing lately — sunny, but with more rain and higher humidity — lawns across many parts of Australia are growing like crazy. 

Don’t skimp on the lawn mowing! 
Now, you don’t need to take V.I.P.’s word for this — according to Lawn Solutions Australia, letting your lawn grow too long causes lawn problems. Lawn Solutions Australia are a national group of accredited turf growers. In other words, they’re the go-to gurus when it comes to everything you need to know about lawns and lawn care.

4 reasons you shouldn’t let your lawn grow too long 

  1. If your lawn gets too long, the sun can be blocked from reaching the undergrowth which can cause die-off from below.
  2. When the really long lawn is finally mown, more leaf is taken off and that causes lawn stress.
  3. If a lawn is not mown regularly, that lawn is often less healthy than a lawn that is well manicured.
  4. Lawns that are less healthy or stressed are more prone to pests, weeds and disease.

Regular lawn mowing keeps lawns healthy
So, the takeaway message really is that if you want a healthy lawn, get your V.I.P. lawnie in to mow it regularly. And while they’re at it, ask if they can fertilise your lawn, too — now’s the perfect time, while the soil is still nice and warm.

V.I.P. is still here, going strong, so to get your lawn and garden looking great, contact your local V.I.P. lawnie, request a quote online, or give us a call here at V.I.P. on 13 26 13.

Lawn Care in Autumn