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Spring Cleaning? Try Winter Cleaning

05 Jul 21

Forget Spring Cleaning, try Winter Cleaning!

During winter, we tend to spend more time tucked up at home, especially this year. Deep cleaning your home can be a great idea for you, both mentally and physically. It’s great exercise and it gives you a really good feeling to look around your home and see that it’s clean and bright. You’re stuck indoors anyway - so, why not get stuck into some cleaning?

Homes get very dusty in winter 
Because we spend more time indoors and we have warm air circulating through the home, thanks to our heating, dusting is needed a bit more often. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to dust ceiling fan blades, the tops of window frames, light fittings and the tops of books. All of these are easy to overlook and can become real dust collectors. 

It’s also a good idea to get your air-conditioning ducts professionally cleaned. This will not only drastically reduce the amount of dust, germs and allergens floating around, it can also help your heating system run more efficiently.
Checklist for winter cleaning:

• De-clutter
• Deep clean carpets
• Clean windows inside and out
• Wipe ceiling fans
• Clean under and behind appliances
• Vacuum lampshades/wipe down light fittings
• Dust door/window frame tops
• Wash doors and cupboards.
Tips to get you started
Need some motivation? It can feel overwhelming, so why not choose just one room or area to work on at a time. Set your alarm for an hour (or even half an hour), put on some music and go! And just in case this all sounds too hard or you’re happy to admit you’d rather be watching your favourite show on Netflix, why not call in a professional. Our V.I.P. Home Cleaners have undergone COVID-19 infection control training, so call us on 13 26 13 today!

Spring Cleaning? Try Winter Cleaning



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