Keep Your Soft Furnishings Clean in Winter

05 Jul 21

We spend a lot of our time at home relaxing on the lounge, watching TV, reading books or shopping online. And while we’re at it, we might be eating and drinking too. So it’s absolutely no wonder at all if our lounge suite starts to look a little worse for wear. 

It’s quite easy to overlook cleaning the sofa 
The main reason? Most of us aren’t quite sure how best to clean a sofa and it’s also pretty easy to forget that they actually need cleaning. Especially if they’re covered with cushions, blankets and throws… or people and animals. 

Time to refresh
To keep your lounge area comfy, clean and inviting, it’s important to refresh the sofa, cushions and throws every so often. Wash the throws and the cushion covers regularly, making sure that you follow the washing instructions carefully, just to make absolutely sure that you can get those pesky cushion covers back on after! (In case you can’t, ask the kids to have a go while you sit back and have a laugh.)  

As for the sofa, vacuuming thoroughly is a great start 
You may even discover some coins, or that long-lost remote. After vacuuming, how you clean your couch will depend on whether the upholstery is fabric, leather, or synthetic. If it doesn’t have a tag on it with instructions, jump online to get the goss on cleaning details. 

Our advice on sofa cleaning? 
If it’s a cheap and cheerful piece of furniture, feel free to have a go yourself. But if it’s a more expensive item, it might be safer to get the experts in. Our V.I.P. Carpet Cleaners also clean lounge suites so give us a call on 13 26 13.

P.S. Once you’ve found that upholstery vacuum attachment to clean the lounge suite with, why not do the bed mattresses too. And don’t forget to flip ’em. 

Keep Your Soft Furnishings Clean in Winter