5 Ways to Keep Your Carpets Clean This Winter

03 Jul 20

Our shoes tend to be the biggest culprits when it comes to bringing dirt into the house. But they don’t do it on their own! If your tribe is guilty of trekking dirt in, here are 5 ideas to help you avoid muddy floors and stray leaves being scattered throughout the house. Stop them at the source — the entrance of your home. 
Outdoor door mat 

By placing a welcome mat just outside your front door, you can encourage visitors and family members to wipe their feet before they come in. Hopefully this will prevent any larger items from entering the house, such as leaves, twigs, chunks of mud and the unmentionable. 
Indoor door mat 

Another chance for everyone to get the message to wipe their feet. Place an extra door mat just inside the door, to help remove any excess dirt. It’s easy to forget to clean your mats but it is important to take them outside to shake them out well, every now and then. 
Umbrella holder 
You know how it is — when you turn up at someone’s house with a soggy umbrella, it can be difficult to work out where exactly to leave it, because you just know it’s going to leave a little pool of water behind. So, make it easy for your visitors. By leaving an umbrella stand on your porch or just inside your front door, you’ll not only save your guests a bit of hassle, you’ll also prevent any unwanted indoor puddles. Just remember to clean the umbrella holder out every now and then.
Shoe rack 
A shoe rack in the entrance is a great idea. This way, when people come in they will be more inclined to remove their shoes too, and in turn keep your carpets clean.
Who let the dogs out!

Don’t forget humans are not the only ones trekking dirt into the house. During winter, we wear gumboots and coats to help avoid the mud and rain, but our pets are directly exposed to the elements. And, just like little kids, dogs seem to be absolutely drawn to mud and puddles like a magnet! After you take your pet out for a walk or let them loose for a play in the garden, use an old towel to give your dog a once-over, drying their coat and especially those muddy paws. 
Once a year carpet clean
It is highly recommended by carpet manufacturers that you get your carpets deep cleaned at least once a year. Deep cleaning your carpets is a big job and you really need a professional carpet cleaner to get that job done right. If it’s time to get your carpet cleaned, give us a call at V.I.P. on 13 26 13 or use our online Request a Quote form.

5 Ways to Keep Your Carpets Clean This Winter