Working Together Through COVID-19

09 Oct 20

Back in March, when the COVID-19 crisis first hit Australia in earnest, V.I.P. was quick to adopt the measures and follow the guidelines. As always, we knew how important it was for us to take care of our franchisees. 

Regular communication and updates 
We had regular newsletters going out to our franchisees with COVID-19 news and updates, plus ideas and suggestions for actions they could take during this challenging time. 

Discounted fees
To help alleviate the financial stress being experienced by our franchisees, we discounted franchise fees for the months of April and May.

Support behind the scenes
Our Regional Managers have been there more than ever, for extra help and support for any of our franchisees who needed it. V.I.P. Head Office staff were also working very hard behind the scenes — for a certain time, in isolation from their homes. 

COVID-19 Practices
We took all steps necessary to ensure the safety of our franchisees and customers — social distancing, strict hygiene practices and cashless transactions wherever possible. 

Franchisees have been monitoring their own health and we asked them to make sure that if they had symptoms, were unwell, or had recently been overseas, they seek medical attention, get tested and self-isolate. Before entering the home or business premises of a customer, V.I.P. franchisees may also check whether their customer fits any of the above criteria. 

We’re encouraging all our franchisees to undergo COVID-19 Infection Control Training, both for their own safety and for the safety and peace of mind of their customers. For more info on our COVID-19 training and cleaning, please click here

Extra care for your home or office
V.I.P. franchisees well understand the importance of regular cleaning and sanitation of surfaces and common areas, especially ‘frequent skin contact areas’ such as door handles, handrails and light switches, and will make this a priority when cleaning your property. Our franchisees are equipped with top-of-the range equipment and use Kleenhealth Australia products, as well as different cloths and mops for each customer.

Coming out the other side of COVID-19
Many states in Australia are now doing well and we’re starting to see things turning around, with business confidence and public confidence on the rise. Over the last few months, our home cleaners have started getting busier again, as more clients feel confident that we’re starting to come out the other side, strongly. Customers who’d put their home cleaning on hold are now getting their home cleaning franchisees back in. 

If your home needs some TLC or the jungle you used to refer to as your backyard needs some serious maintenance — especially after lockdown — please contact your V.I.P. ranchisee or give V.I.P. a call on 13 26 13

Working Together Through COVID-19