Darryl Townsend - Building a Lifestyle with V.I.P.

New South Wales - Home Cleaning

After only 6 days in a V.I.P franchise business., Darryl was reassured that he had made the right decision investing in himself.

Prior to joining the team, Darryl dedicated his time to being a team leader in a factory. After 18 years, he knew he was ready for a change.

“I was ready for a change, and I was actually looking for a job when I was made redundant in 2005,” said Darryl, “I was given a payout and decided I wanted to do something with it and invest.”

“I had considered coffee and takeaway franchises, but they didn’t appeal to me as I knew the hours involved were long,” explained Darryl. “V.I.P. seemed to just keep popping up in the paper; I knew I really wanted to be able to work for myself and I thought here’s a business I can build up and employ people and manage, and that really appealed to me.”

Having experience helping his mother out with cleaning when he was younger made Darryl think that a Home Cleaning franchise could be a good fit for him. After having an initial discussion with V.I.P. about the potential of owning a franchise, Darryl went for a day in the field with a previous franchise owner, who was able to show him how the business worked and answer any questions he had.  ‘It gave me the confidence to say I can handle this’, said Darryl.

Darryl has now been working with V.I.P. for 11 years and has 7 staff working with him. ‘My longest serving staff member has been working with me for 8 years and has never let me down; I know I can rely on my staff, we have a great working relationship,’ said Darryl.

The biggest difference Darryl has found since working for V.I.P. are his hours and flexibility, saying, ‘My work hours are so much better, I have my evenings back and my weekends free again.’

‘I also find my working relationship with other V.I.P. colleagues extremely respectful, we make sure to support each other as much as we can,’ said Darryl.

Having constant support was a large part of the appeal of V.I.P. for Darryl, with an Australian-based call centre to go to for answers and Support Managers there to assist you. ‘My support managers have been incredible, business is absolutely flying. Knowing you have someone to go to for answers when you need them makes life so much easier,’ said Darryl.

‘Like any job you have your ups and downs, but I thoroughly enjoy it, and I think if at the end of the day you can come home and say you’re happy that’s all you need,’ said Darryl.

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