Jayde Magill: Six months to success

Just six months after trading 20 years of working for others to be her own boss, Jayde Magill already has around 70 clients and employs three people – all while enjoying more free time with her family doing what she loves.

“I was looking for a way to earn more and have a better work-life balance,” Jayde says.

“I worked long hours, never had enough time to be involved with my kids, and had no energy left for the weekend to enjoy life.”

Since becoming a V.I.P. Home Cleaning franchisee, Jayde has more free time and energy than ever. Not only is she now around for school pick-up and drop-off, she even fits in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes three times a week with her husband David.

But how did Jayde manage to find such a great work-life balance so early on in her business?

That’s the benefit of becoming a V.I.P. franchisee. Instead of building a business from scratch, your business name, brand, logo, pricing, technology, uniform and other equipment is already arranged for you – so you can get going from day one. And with initial and ongoing training and assistance with accounting, bookings, client management, marketing and more, you get support every step of the way.

Jayde’s secrets to success

Of course, starting any business can have its ups and downs. Here are Jayde’s 4 tips to get set up for success:

1. Be in business to solve a problem. Don’t worry about having an original idea or competition – just focus on solving a problem for your customers at the right price.

2. Draw on your experience. You’re never really starting from scratch when you make a mid-career change. All of your previous work and life experience will likely come in handy at some point.

3. Know your costs. Understand how much money you’ll need to spend upfront and ongoing, so you can calculate your cash flow. As a V.I.P. franchisee, you can access marketing support (including a tailored local area marketing plan), which Jayde says has been invaluable for efficiently finding and converting leads – giving her more time to focus on getting out and making money.

4. Be a good boss. Take the time to get to know your team and their needs, so they have fun at work and want to help grow your business. And share the spotlight by celebrating and thanking them for their efforts. Jayde does this quickly and easily by taking screenshots of client feedback and sending it to her team.

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