Steve Caridi: Planting the seed for business growth

Former supermarket manager Steve Caridi always wanted to work for himself. So when the time was right, he jumped at the chance to channel his love of gardening into a V.I.P. Lawns & Gardens franchise.

“I was always volunteering to do other people’s lawn,” Steve says. “So when my wife and I were in a good financial position, I knew I was ready to change careers and do something outdoors.”

After sending an enquiry through the V.I.P. website, it was a day in the field that sealed the deal – as Steve got to shadow his former colleague, franchisee Chris Profiris, on the job.

“I enjoyed it so much that it was a really easy decision to go with V.I.P.,” he says.

That decision quickly paid off, as Steve’s average weekly income (AWI) grew to over $2,200 in just four weeks.

Now, he has 52 regular customers (most of whom are aged care providers and real estate agents) with no signs of slowing down.

“Once I reach my goal of having over 80 regular customers, I want to hire someone to take on the extra work so I can keep expanding the business.”

Given Steve’s success so far, it’s a goal that’s certainly within reach. But how exactly did he grow his business so quickly and effortlessly?

For starters, Steve took the initiative early on to contact previous service enquiries and introduce himself as their new franchisee, with many of them coming on board as customers.

“V.I.P.’s strong brand and marketing efforts definitely helped build my customer base too,” he says. “People always compliment how good my trailer and signage looks; I’ve even gained a few customers from it!”

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Steve Caridi: Planting the seed for business growth

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