Tom Fastuca: 20 Years of Success

Victoria - Lawns and Gardens

Our Victorian Lawns and Gardens guru, Tom Fastuca, recently celebrated his 20-year milestone with V.I.P. in October 2020.

Prior to joining the V.I.P. team, Tom was no stranger to long hours, working a a very intensive job in a milkbar with his brother. “I worked with my older brother for 12 years straight after I left school; we would work 7- day weeks and very long hours – I got to the point where I needed a change,” said Tom.

Tom was not originally set on owning his own business. “At the time when I was deciding what I wanted to do, I had two good friends who had businesses with V.I.P. and they had both been doing it for a long time and enjoyed it – that was all the convincing I needed!” said Tom.” “I’ve always loved gardening and loved the idea of getting paid to do it, so it seemed like a perfect fit!’

Looking back, Tom certainly doesn’t regret his decision to join the V.I.P. team. “When I originally told my wife I was leaving my job she had her reservations – but she’s certainly happy with it now! I have been able to attend all the events my kids had at school and go to support them alongside their sports days and extracurricular activities,” said Tom.

I’ve been very lucky to have such a wonderful customer base, some who have been with me since day one – their appreciation is all I need!” said Tom.

20 years on, when asked to describe Tom, Victorian Regional Manager says, “Tom is an incredibly modest franchisee, and it was an absolute pleasure to be able to present him with his 20-year gift and certificate. Tom can be seen around Melbourne towing an immaculate trailer!”

What advice would a 20-year franchisee give to others? The answer is simple – focus on self - motivation, always. “You need to be self-driven to be your own boss; you have to want to drive your business yourself.” Preserving reputation is also incredibly important. “Word of mouth is so important; I tell my customers that I intend to take care of their garden the way I take care of my own.”

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