7 reasons to choose V.I.P. for your Home Cleaning needs

  1. From Brisbane to Bunbury and Cairns to Canberra and everywhere in between we have  been cleaning homes across Australia for over 20 years. Our solid history is what delivers results for you and your home.
  2.  Our Customer Satisfaction Guarantee means we will deliver on our promise. Every time.
  3. There's never a one-size-fits-all approach to cleaning your home — it's about finding out what you need and developing a tailored option that will deliver the best results for you and your home.
  4. Our franchisees are fully insured — it's that peace of mind you have knowing that we're covered.
  5. Your safety and security is our priority — all V.I.P. franchisees are police checked. It's your home and you don't want to let just anyone through the door. With V.I.P. you're in safe hands. We will protect what's yours.
  6.  You will always know who will be providing the cleaning service in your home as you will be dealing with the business owner as our franchises are owner operated. This means you receive the best service directly from the business owner.
  7.  With our experience we have developed our own range of environmentally friendly cleaning products which feature Health Guard, proudly Australian made and owned — our very own multi-functional, anti-microbial product that is effective against bacteria, spores, viruses and moulds. It helps keeps your home cleaner for longer. No more having to worry about tackling the cleaning aisle at the supermarket ever again — we've got it sorted.

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