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Garden Services, Maintenance & Lawn Mowing in the North Haven area.

Hi, I'm Alex Koutroumbis, your local Garden Services, Maintenance & Lawn Mowing franchisee in the North Haven area.

I have been a V.I.P. franchisee since 2002. The thing I enjoy about owning my own V.I.P. franchise is I enjoy seeing a satisfied customer and the flexibility and hours of work for my family Prior to owning my own V.I.P. franchise I operated a transport business

I service the following areas:

  • North Haven
  • Osborne
  • Outer Harbor
  • Peterhead

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I operate in the North Haven area of the LeFevre Peninsular.

Lawn Maintenance

A beautiful lawn makes the best impression to your friends, family, guests and business customers.

Let me save you some time that you can spend on other important things.

A lawn maintenance plan includes mowing, edging, weeding, and fertilising. 


Garden Maintenance

You deserve a garden of which you can be proud.

A typical garden maintenance plan includes weeding, fertilising, pruning, mulching and insect control. 

I consult with you on plant selection for your local soil conditions and the Adelaide climate.


Hedge Trimming

A well pruned hedge is a source of pride for your home. There is a great pleasure in looking down the line of a perfectly straight, well trimmed hedge.

If you have a tall hedge along your boundary or individual trees, I have the tools and the skills required to make your hedge look fantastic.


Rubbish Removal

Not only do I remove any of the cutting and trimmings I create when I look after your lawn and garden, but I can also provide a rubbish removal service for any extra clean up you have done.


No Obligation Quote

All quotes are no obligation, so if you see my trailer around, pop in and request a quote or give V.I.P. a call on 13 26 13.