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Garden Services, Maintenance & Lawn Mowing in the East Devonport area.

Hi, I'm Adrian Bramich, your local Garden Services, Maintenance & Lawn Mowing franchisee in the East Devonport area.

I have been a V.I.P. franchisee since 2013.

I service the following areas:

  • Ambleside
  • Devonport South
  • East Devonport
  • Miandetta
  • Northdown

Contact me for a quote now:

Lawn Maintenance

Your lawn deserves to look the best it can.

Let me take the hassle out of looking after your lawn by providing a comprehensive mowing, edging, weeding and fertilising plan. I can also core and aerate your lawn.

Give V.I.P. a call on 13 26 13 with your lawn requirements - I'll be only to happy to provide a no obligation quote for your consideration.


Garden Maintenance

A beautiful garden is a source of pride for your home. There is great satisfaction in proudly showing your garden to your family, friends and guests.

A typical garden maintenance program includes pruning, mulching, triming, weeding and fertilising.

I also consult with you regarding plant selection and the goals of your Devonport garden.


Chimney / Flue cleaning

Is your chimney not drawing?

This can be caused by a number of factors such as a build up of soot in the flue or sometimes our feathers friends get stuck inside the chimney.

Give V.I.P. a call on 13 26 13 to investigate the flue for you.

You may find that I can give you a quick and easy solution to fix some problems for no charge - or if the problem if bigger than that, I can look after cleaning that chimney for you so that your fires will warm your home more effectively.



Full gutters can be a fire risk in the hotter months and a flood risk whenever it rains.

A leaking gutter can cause all sorts of problems if it leaks into wall gaps or gets under the foundations of your home.

If you notice your gutters are a bit full, give V.I.P. a call on 13 26 13.

Two storey premises are not a problem.


No Obligation Quote

All quotes are no obligation so if you see my trailer around pop in and request a quote, or give V.I.P. a call on 13 26 13.

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